The Edge of Science Pushing the boundaries of human knowledge…  Welcome to The Edge of Science. This web site will soon house a radio series dedicated to exploring new frontiers of discovery. As our world changes, so must our understanding. Listen regularly to Edge of Science Radio for thoughtful discussions about topics that are too often ignored in the mainstream. Each audio program is available as a free mp3 download, or you can choose to listen online. Click the graphic below to listen. Click the line below the graphic to download. Now featuring:  Edge of Science Radio presents: The UFO Contact Experience. An exploration of hidden history. A new documentary by Ralph Steiner, award-winning producer of "The UFO Cover-up."  New Program Now Available!   Go to Downloads  This featured program is the first of many to come.   The idea is to cover provocative topics that are often shunned or ignored by the present consensus.   These are topics that challenge our accepted world views, and they could potentially lead to advancements applicable to solving major problems here on Earth.   They also promise to change our most fundamental knowledge of who we are, and our understanding of the world in which we live.   Here you will find presentations about human origins and antiquity, the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life, and the possible continuity of human life after death.  You will also find programs concerning the ethics of science in a world undergoing rapid change – science and the dynamics of power in human society.   The Edge of Science intends to take it all on, and more.   If you would like to stay in touch, and to be notified when new programs are available, you may request to be placed on the notification list. Email:  You can also help by contacting your local public, community, or college radio station, and request that they broadcast The Edge of Science as new programs become available.  As the series develops, I will be linking up with a number of groups doing complimentary work. Those web sites shall be listed on the home page of this site for easy access. Below are a few diverse sites exploring common ground:   Thanks, and happy discovery!  Ralph Steiner journalist and producer
Click here to download a copy. The UFO Contact Exprience: An Exploration of Hidden History Click here to download a copy.