Downloads.  New Program Available.    Welcome to The Edge of Science download page. Here you will find current programming specifically adapted for radio broadcast and high quality duplication.   The shows listed here are available in more than one format, allowing program directors maximum flexibility in scheduling.   The current feature program is now available in both a full hour version and two half hour installments.   Click the link buttons below for the versions that you prefer, and high resolution mp3 files will be deposited to your computer. These files are in a self-extracting ZIP format, and should immediately expand after the download is complete. If expansion does not automatically occur, simply double click the file icons to initiate the expansion.  You may also audition each program before choosing to download.    Synopsis:  Parts 1 & 2  Science journalist and media producer Ralph Steiner has released a new documentary series about UFO contactees, people who claim to be in communication with visitors from other worlds.   The audio programs trace the little known history of the contactee movement from its beginnings in the early 1950s, to it’s proponents today.  Filled with eye-witness testimony and historic soundbites, these shows will challenge your assumptions and stretch your paradigm. Expect surprises!  Full hour version:  The UFO Contact Experience   58:30  Audition button  Download button   Half hour versions:  The UFO Contact Experience - Part 1 28:30  Audition button  Download button  The UFO Contact Experience - Part 2 28:30  Audition button  Download button    NEW!  Download below   Synopsis:  Part 3  Full Contact - The Secret of 1954  The series continues, with an examination of provocative sightings that took place over highly sensitive locations during the early 1950s.   Visitations occurred over Washington, DC, and over many top secret military bases. Behind closed doors, the U.S. government was thrown into turmoil. A regime of secrecy and denial was imposed.   Official contact may have taken place in February, 1954, when several UFOs allegedly landed at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California. This incident may have involved direct participation by the President of the United States.   Half hour version:  The UFO Contact Experience - Part 3  28:30   Audition button  Download button
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